Digging of Wells

Water is life and essential to human life. There is no good portable water in the villages. Trinity Mission has embarked on digging several wells around the villages. We have successfully finished digging some wells and it’s giving water to the villagers now. We plan to dig many more as soon as we are blessed financially.

Building and Equipping Despensary

Trinity Mission is planning to build and equip a dispensary where treatment will be given to the villagers that are sick or have minor wounds due to intense work on their farms.

Building of Toilettes

(Latrines or Pit toilette) The entire village has no single toilette where the villagers can ease themselves. They use the bushes and forest around the village. This has cause a lot of death among little children and youth due to lack of hygienic environment.

Daycare & Kindergarten for Children

Many of the children whose population is increasing rapidly have no single early learning center until they are old to enter elementary school that are Several miles away because of lack of learning centers. Little kids also walk barefooted for miles to get to school.

Church Building

The community church we started after series of evangelism and crusade in the village has overgrown without a befitting church building. They were meeting under a local tent constructed with planks and palm leaves until April 2016 when Trinity Mission constructed a modern church building for these hungry and dedicated new converts.